The mission of SOAR is simple – to save as many lives as we can.  We partner with over 150 shelters and rescue groups across state lines to safely transfer animals from overcrowded shelters to our adoption center, where we then find loving homes for as many animals as possible.

SOAR By the Numbers

Shortly after being transferred through SOAR, 98% of mentally and physically healthy animals are adopted into new homes.

Animal Transfers 2013 – 2019

Through the collaborative efforts of 140 partnering shelters and rescue groups
That’s a 243% increase over 5 years!

Many of these animals were at risk of being euthanized due to overcrowding and lack of resources.

How it Works

The Humane Society of Utah looks to utilize our Transfer Program where there is the biggest need. This usually includes high volume shelters and shelters in rural areas where there is very little traffic and adoption rates are low. We often transfer from these shelters via flights vs. ground.

Some of our out-of-state partners include:

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MACC) in Arizona

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas

Our first priority is to work with shelters in Utah, and when we do partner with out-of-state facilities, we aim to accept smaller animals. This allows us to help a large number of animals while creating additional space at the shelter we are helping.

Some of our most frequent in-state partners include:

North Utah Valley Animal Shelter

Salt Lake County Animal Services

South Utah Valley Animal Shelter

Uintah County Animal Shelter

West Valley City Animal Services

Why We Fly

Transport can be stressful for animals, which weakens their immune system and they can become sick.

For example, if one dog develops kennel cough during a long ground transport of 100+ dogs, it’s more likely that all the dogs could arrive at Utah Humane with kennel cough. They would then need to be placed in foster homes or isolation so as not to put healthy animals at risk.

However, if a dog develops kennel cough during a flight from the same partner shelter, fewer dogs become sick and we’re able to find new homes for the healthy dogs within days of their arrival.

You Can Save Lives

Your support helps animals at risk of euthanasia in shelters across the state of Utah and neighboring western states. Give now and save countless lives.

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